Quick Tuesday update

Two words for Duffboy to live by: sleep hygiene.

Things that have me excited: personalized sticker art that I’ve been working on, becoming vegan again (this time, I’m going for the gold!), and the fact that Leia and Mishus have been hanging upstairs once again (my cats’ health was a concern for several weeks, not too long ago).

That is all for now.


Like any other mother

A beautiful poem that reminds me that there is so much comfort in approaching a vegan lifestyle.

Violet's Vegan Comics


I’m tired, my knees ache, I have sore feet,

My belly is heavy with child inside.

Head is aching from the blistering heat,

What’s coming is worse, I’m desperate to hide.


Last year I cheerfully bore my first child,

All the discomfort and pain were worth it.

My love for him instant, instinctive, wild,

Overwhelmed me, the light in my heart lit.


I washed him and nursed him, my suckling angel,

My purpose in life was now clear to me –

To love him, protect him and teach him well.

Like any other mother I would be.


The sun set that day and the bright moon rose,

And we spent a blissful night together.

Brief nirvana before that bitter dose,

When hell swallowed me whole, meat and leather.


At dawn I heard their heavy stomping feet,

They approached us as I was feeding him.

Without shame…

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What Would Jesus Eat Today?

A good question to ask. I bet a merciful diet would be one he`d promote.

Honk If You're Vegan


When my husband and I went vegan, my dad remarked, “I think it’s okay to eat meat because Jesus ate fish.” This stumped me. I didn’t know how to respond because my dad is a devout Catholic and a good man who lives in accordance with his faith. Who was I to challenge Jesus?

Unlike my dad, I don’t belong to a particular religion. Still, I believe that God probably exists and having grown up Christian I’m familiar with Jesus. Whether he’s God or God’s son I don’t know, but his kindness, love and compassion are undeniable.

I’m no bible scholar, but my dad’s probably right that Jesus ate fish. But does this mean that he didn’t care about animals? And does it mean that Christians shouldn’t consider the ethical significance of what they eat?

A Lot’s Changed in 2,000 Years!

I don’t know that the bible provides adequate information for…

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Chipotle Plans to Bring Vegan Dish Nationwide

Man, if Chipotle were in Guatemala… I would practically live there!

Until Every Cage

This week, Chipotle became the first national food chain to offer a vegan meal other than the monotonous garden salad or veggie burger. The new dish, Sofritas, first appeared in January for a test run in Chipotle’s San Francisco locations and was immediately successful.


According to Chipotle Spokesperson Chris Arnold, the Sofritas dish, of which the main ingredient is spiced, shredded organic tofu, “already accounts for 4-5 percent of sales” in Bay Area restaurants.


Due to its popularity during the test period, Sofritas is now widely available at Chipotles in Oregon, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. Eventually, the dish will be available in all 1,450 locations.

Have you tried Chipotle’s sofritas dish?

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