Quick Tuesday update

Two words for Duffboy to live by: sleep hygiene. Things that have me excited: personalized sticker art that I’ve been working on, becoming vegan again (this time, I’m going for the gold!), and the fact that Leia and Mishus have been hanging upstairs once again (my cats’ health was a concern for several weeks, not […]

Chipotle Plans to Bring Vegan Dish Nationwide

Originally posted on Michelle Neff:
This week, Chipotle became the first national food chain to offer a vegan meal other than the monotonous garden salad or veggie burger. The new dish, Sofritas, first appeared in January for a test run in Chipotle’s San Francisco locations and was immediately successful. According to Chipotle Spokesperson Chris Arnold,…

The Power of One (via The Expanding Circle)

A self-fulfilling prophecy of the best kind! A fellow vegan recently was telling me how she made that choice.  Her daughter went to camp and a fellow camper politely refused a meat dish, saying  simply, "I don't eat meat."  Her daughter thought to herself, "Someday that's going to be me.  Someday I'm going to say […]