The point: We outnumber him!

This was a day off work, but was it, really? I got a lot done, despite not leaving my room before 11 am. It’s almost as if my body and mind refused to step outside for a moment and face the new reality we’re entering. On the other hand, when I returned from running errands I encountered this inspiring and defying message on tv:


Reading about the activist/artist’s intent, it certainly gives me hope about the future, both as a Guatemalan and overall human being:

We chose this message because Americans are currently debating whether we should focus on the economic concerns of whites who feel marginalized by economic and social changes that favor diversity or the ongoing struggle against systemic discrimination faced by women, people of color, LGBTQ folk, and others. This is a false choice and is keeping us distracted and divided while Trump and his fellow global elites consolidate their power. We need to realize that a nation that values some people above others – be that whites above people of color, men above women, or rich above working class – can never be truly free. It is only when every human being is represented and cherished equally in policy, economics, and social dynamics that we will have achieved the “more perfect union” our Constitution aspires to. “We outnumber him!” is a battle cry for that more perfect union.

Never a dull moment

  • I hear the Whatsapp notifications. It’s funny: a simple electronic sound can mean so much, or be easily ignored.
  • We just had a couple of big ass Carl Jr.’s burgers. Heaven in a bun.
  • To be shooting photographs at dusk/evening, in a cemetery, to tackle the creative process… to watch beauty unfold right in front of your eyes.
  • I shaved my head today. I kinda had to after the “Bad Boy Blue, er Green Joker” debacle.
  • Brotherhood. Family. Concepts that reminded me of how easily life can fade away.

An afternoon of art and photography with Katheleen Rosas

You should you ever be lucky enough to share a love of art, photography with a close friend, cherish them! That’s what these photographs represent for me. Guatemalan photographer Katheleen Rosas spent a day with me, a few weeks ago, while we toured the Bienal de Arte Paiz, Guatemala’s only Biennale. I’m rarely a model, but since she knows my sense of humor, the day’s mood was reflected in her candid and documentary images.

All images Copyright Katheleen Rosas