Good guy police department does a solid for its unpaid crime lab intern.

Good guy police department does a solid for its unpaid crime lab intern.


8th floor R&B

Some gratitude/observations throughout my day, so far.

  • Sitting on an 8th floor office, sipping a cup of coffee. I’m not a coffee snob, so… yes, I have no idea how they made it, but it’s pretty damn good.
  • The amount of traveling vendors on the bus I rode was minimal. Always a plus.
  • Although getting up today was no small feat, I felt like last night provided three simple pleasures: part of an old Sex and The City rerun I hadn’t seen, reading a few intense poems by Eduardo Villalobos, and falling asleep to a live album by Benny Ibarra (I hadn’t played his music in a long while).
  • Quality time with Peanut before heading out. Gave him a treat, fed him, changed his bowl of water and provided much needed kisses.
  • An ATM in the building’s lobby: sweet!
  • Remembering past great American Dad moments, most of them not rape-related (seriously, what’s with American Dad and Family Guy’s morbid fascination with child molestation and rape?)

Take Back What’s Yours

So, I was not tagged, but I got inspired by Emma´s recent post about #TakeBackWhatsYours.

The campaign was originally started by Chloe from Chloe’s Concept as a way to use our position as bloggers to inspire other people to make a positive change for good!

…many make New Year resolutions, so why not influence people to make their resolution to take back what once belonged to them… maybe their confidence, maybe their control or even their happiness due to whatever situation has made them lack that ability.

This is a lifelong commitment, if you want to change the way you feel about yourself, or you want to act upon the message of this campaign and ‘Take Back What’s Yours‘, when better to do that than the start of a new year… This is not one of those “New Year, New Me” unrealistic resolutions. When I say “New Year, New You”, I genuinely mean it.


I am taking back my career

I was tempted to make this post about my love life, but I will try to keep DA’s role in my blog as private as I can. Rather than that, I need to address the fact that my profession and job history resemble a washing machine cycle. I need to find my calling, so that I’m not faced with lack of job security, dreams stifled and a general downward inner spiral. This is as much as I’m willing to share here (don’t want to shoot myself in the foot!), but it’s a much needed start.

hello career is it me you're looking for

Traveling with strangers, part 1

I don’t travel as often as I’d like.  A couple of days ago I had the chance to sit on a shuttle on my way to Panajachel Sololá, near a village called El Tablón, where I was booked to teach a workshop for teens who want to become bloggers.

I’m not as shy as I think I am, and I have the ability to open up to people. On my 145 km ride (plus the stop at Antigua Guatemala, where we dropped up and picked up passengers), I got to know some very interesting people. Granted I did not catch all of their names, on my next post I will tell you about them.