Cruelty and kindness: two tales of soldier behavior

The biggest earthquake since 1976 hit Guatemala last week. At a time when animals are not in most of my fellow citizen’s minds, I marvel at the courage that others, halfway across from my country, display to save one animal (while others are taught to embrace torture as a right of passage). Help Let’s AdoptContinue reading “Cruelty and kindness: two tales of soldier behavior”

Keep your promises on sanitation and water

ICROSS (International Community for Relief of Starvation and Suffering) is working hard to provide basic sanitation rights for children in need in Africa. To give you an idea of their current needs, I`ll share with you part of what they discovered: Women and children walk on average 6km every day to fetch water, and theContinue reading “Keep your promises on sanitation and water”

When to leave a non-profit

A few years ago, I served on the board of advisors of a Guatemalan animal welfare organization. This came to be after I had served as a volunteer for several years (and made donations when possible).  I learned a lot through the humility that comes with putting yourself in the background, letting the cause youContinue reading “When to leave a non-profit”

Milaap: an example of generosity

Following my brief earlier post (promoting Blog Ponderings‘ entry), I’m happy to share with you a short Q&A  with Shubhashree Sangameswaran, Communications Executive for Milaap: How would you describe the response from the people who benefit from Milaap’s loan offers? The response from the borrowers has been quite amazing. Since Milaap gives out loans for essentialsContinue reading “Milaap: an example of generosity”

Embracing The Spirit of Unity

As part of one of the challenges that I signed up for on Media Cause, I decided to highlight  CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Florida’s work to foster tolerance in the Tampa, Florida. Here are a few questions that Hassan Shibly,  CAIR Florida’s Tampa Executive Director, was kind enough to answer via e-mail: When andContinue reading “Embracing The Spirit of Unity”

Breaking Barriers one day at a time

People suffering from illnesses struggle to avoid feelings of being a burden to family and friends. I fear being, not only sickness, but the possibility of having to rely on someone for transportation, financial aid or medical care (I vividly remember the efforts it took my grandmother to visit my family after having one of her legsContinue reading “Breaking Barriers one day at a time”