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Jules: If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.


“I’m spiritual, not religious”

I have said this not numerous times, but a handful, I must say. Eric has some strong points, though I will not completely shy away from “flighty emotionalism”.

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“I’m spiritual, not religious”

Spiritual no Religious 2I wish I had a back massage for every time I’ve heard this line. What gets me most is the presupposition it stems from, that “spiritual” is the assumed equivalent of “good” and “religious” is the assumed equivalent of “evil.” Who made up this language game?

Honestly, who decided that “spiritual” was a term that would be used to contradict religion and as evidence of personal enlightenment, without further ado. And does anyone using the phrase ever stop to think what they actually mean by it? I think what is usually meant is that religion is man-made tradition whereas spiritual is a phenomenon that happens on a personal level, free from all “man-madeness” and tradition, and thus… true?

My experience has been exactly opposite. I spent the first 20 years of my journey in Christianity believing that I was spiritual and not religious and have come…

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Hispanic and Latin rockin´tunes (17)

Aside from having one of my favorite music videos ever (directed by Daniel Gruener), El Camino by Aleks Syntek y La Gente Normal, a Mexican synth pop-rock band, is one of my favorite tracks from the ´90s. I´ve been fortunate enough to see Aleks play this live a couple of times, and it´s always one of my favorite moments  of the show. The bass line blends so perfectly with the drums and percussions, by the way (Sabo Romo, one of Mexico´s most respected bass players, kills it on this track; props also are due to Luis Conte, who plays percussions on this album).

The lyrics, in my humble opinion, describe the notion of personal struggles, faith and perseverance.