Trashing the Amazon (and animals) for fast food

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Coca-Cola’s iconic Red logo is going Green :

Life for sale. Coca-Cola Life, that is!


For the first time in the history of the brand moved away from the red label. The reason for this was a new drink called Coca-Cola Life, which appeared on the shelves of shops in Argentina this summer.

The new Coke Life has about 100 calories per 20 ounces, versus the 250 for regular Coke. The green-labeled beverage is sweetened with a combination of sugar and the naturally occurring, no-calorie sweetener stevia.

“Coca-Cola Life is the first soda from the Coca-Cola family that is naturally sweetened with sugar and Stevia, which adds to our portfolio a delicious taste with a proposed low in calories” Coca-Cola stated on its Argentinean website  “Tasteful, natural, and most importantly a low-calorie (only 108 calories per 600 ml),” – that is positioned in the company of a soda sweetened with stevia instead of sugar.

Glass and plastic bottles, and cans that contain Coca-Cola Life are made…

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If you’re happy and you know it, help Mother Earth

The need to speak on behalf of our planet might seen (for some)  like a pipe dream, a poetic stance. “This crying earth, this weeping shore” that Michael Jackson sang about is a reality, climate change is not the boogey man, it’s happening all around us.

I write this as part of a challenge for the Rights of Mother Earth Signature campaign (also present at Media Cause, in case you want to register and help out through your social media know-how),

“a movement for the acceptance and implementation by all Nations of “The Universal Declaration of The Rights of Mother Earth”at the Earth Summit 2012 in Brazil”.

As they state, “This is a celebration of people’s love for our home Planet Mother Earth! We invite World leaders, the UN and Corporations to join us on this path!”

Preview of Say Yes to Mother Nature poster

The petition is available in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, et. al.

Robin, from Rights of Mother Earth, explained to me, there is a correlation between happiness or joy and helping out:

“I was at a film festival this weekend which included a film on Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness index.  My community is starting a Happiness Index focus… to me the valuing of Rights of Nature ties in with […] Happiness in this context. Valuing Nature makes me happy!