War for the Planet of the Apes Is an Adventure Humans Almost Don’t Deserve



See Elephants Stop Truck From Overturning After It Gets Stuck in Mud

Such magnificent animals, so exploited.


Police found two elephants trying to keep the 18-wheeler transporting them from overturning during its journey from New Orleans to the Dallas area Tuesday morning.

The truck, carrying three elephants from a Florida circus, got stuck in mud on Interstate 49 near the Powhatan exit in Natchitoches Parish, La., at about 7 a.m., according to a statement from the Natcitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office. A “local wrecker service” was called in to extract the truck.

The elephants were en route to a circus in Frisco, Texas.

Natcitoches Parish Sheriff's OfficeNatcitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office

Natcitoches Parish Sheriff's OfficeNatcitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office

(h/t ABC News)

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Like any other mother

A beautiful poem that reminds me that there is so much comfort in approaching a vegan lifestyle.

Violet's Vegan Comics


I’m tired, my knees ache, I have sore feet,

My belly is heavy with child inside.

Head is aching from the blistering heat,

What’s coming is worse, I’m desperate to hide.


Last year I cheerfully bore my first child,

All the discomfort and pain were worth it.

My love for him instant, instinctive, wild,

Overwhelmed me, the light in my heart lit.


I washed him and nursed him, my suckling angel,

My purpose in life was now clear to me –

To love him, protect him and teach him well.

Like any other mother I would be.


The sun set that day and the bright moon rose,

And we spent a blissful night together.

Brief nirvana before that bitter dose,

When hell swallowed me whole, meat and leather.


At dawn I heard their heavy stomping feet,

They approached us as I was feeding him.

Without shame…

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Animals Have…

When we learn and practice this?

Honk If You're Vegan


“…Animals have their own intrinsic value, they do not exist to serve humans, and they are not property to be bought, sold, or traded. Like us, they have the right to control their lives and bodies, avoid pain and suffering, and live free from oppression.”

Quote on Action for Animals brochure.

Photo courtesy of Fanpop!

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Swoon alert! Ryan Gosling Speaks Up For Cows

Good to know that he`s voicing his outrage!

Until Every Cage


Is is possible to love this man any more!? Ryan Gosling has penned a letter on behalf of PETA to the National Milk Producers Federation urging officials to require dairy farmers to begin phasing out ‘dehorning’ – which is a painful process in which calves have their horns gouged out or sensitive horn tissue burned out of their heads.

“There is absolutely no reason – and no excuse – for the cruel, unnecessary practice of dehorning to continue.”

We love when celebs use their voice to speak up for animals! You can read the full letter and learn how you can lend your voice against dehorning too over on PETA.org.

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Cruelty and kindness: two tales of soldier behavior

The biggest earthquake since 1976 hit Guatemala last week. At a time when animals are not in most of my fellow citizen’s minds, I marvel at the courage that others, halfway across from my country, display to save one animal (while others are taught to embrace torture as a right of passage).

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