Looking forward to Ogilala

In the past five years, the artist formerly known as Billy Corgan has had more eyes on him for his extracurricular antics than ears on his music. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman, in between playing actual Smashing Pumpkins shows and releasing a new album with the current incarnation of the band, has appeared multiple times¬†on‚Ķ via […]

Bob Dylan o el inagotable problema de los g√©neros literarios; por Maikel Ram√≠rez

Días después del nombramiento de la periodista Svetlana Aleksiévich como premio Nobel de Literatura del 2015, el prominente escritor argentino Alberto Manguel celebró la premiación y manifestó su o… Source: Bob Dylan o el inagotable problema de los géneros literarios; por Maikel Ramírez

Friends and lovers, the healthy edition

Being reading up on some narcissism, in an enlightening book titled Why is it always about you? by Sandy Hotchkiss (which I found used at a bookstore in Panajachel, Solol√°). The healing has begun, friends: “The tendency is to recreate the dramas of our earlier life in an effort to write new endings, but if […]