A spec Seinfeld where Elaine’s father is a serial killer

Completely unrelated to this pocket size poetry book… or is it?


Inner gathering

As I write this I should probably be asleep, but I’m not of course. This has been quite the year for me and all of us (I know). Let’s just not get into the death toll (not just surrounding popular culture) of 2016, it seems as though we are living in deadlier times. I’m reading a beautiful novel right now: Love is the higher law, and its themes are ever more present in what I’m feeling. The intersection of loss, fear, faith and strength.

I just finished watching the next to last episode of Girls, season 3. Hanna is the least sympathetic character that I’ve watched on screen, perhaps ever. I’ll take it as a master calss into how not to write in terms of filmmaking or tv. This year allowed me to get closer to achieving my own cinematic dreams, btw.

I’m starting to get hungry and sleepy. Catch you later.

Bob Dylan o el inagotable problema de los géneros literarios; por Maikel Ramírez

Días después del nombramiento de la periodista Svetlana Aleksiévich como premio Nobel de Literatura del 2015, el prominente escritor argentino Alberto Manguel celebró la premiación y manifestó su o…

Source: Bob Dylan o el inagotable problema de los géneros literarios; por Maikel Ramírez

Friends and lovers, the healthy edition

Being reading up on some narcissism, in an enlightening book titled Why is it always about you? by Sandy Hotchkiss (which I found used at a bookstore in Panajachel, Sololá). The healing has begun, friends:

“The tendency is to recreate the dramas of our earlier life in an effort to write new endings, but if we approach these reparative relationships without awareness or a firm grasp on reality, and with an inability to set limits, we are unlikely to have the same outcomes as before.

If, on the other hand, we understand our vulnerabilities, see clearly through the illusions of our desires and the distortions of our fears, and find the courage to protect ourselves from those who would use us without regard for our separateness, we can change the course of our own lives. Choosing healthy friends and lovers is a very good place to begin”

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