Missing Allegations in Cosby Biography Fuel a Lie of Omission

“Silence is easy”.


Mark Whitaker wants you to purchase his biography of Bill Cosby. As a biographer myself, I want you to purchase biographies galore, including those I write. But despite my book buying habit, I will refrain from owning Cosby: His Life and Times.

Whitaker made a decision to exclude allegations from at least thirteen women that Cosby sexually assaulted them—he says their allegations failed to meet his standards of proof. Biographers must make difficult decisions in every paragraph they publish, because reputations ought to be handled with care. Whitaker’s decision, though, should not have been difficult. As an experienced journalist, he made a bad call.

In an interview yesterday, Whitaker mentioned being unable to confirm the rape allegations independent of the victims’ accounts, as there were no definitive court findings regarding the allegations. “What you eventually learn about everything related to these allegations, and how you think that should figure…

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I wonder, man

How badass and cool Adam Silver turned out. Man, if only he could fine a lot of people, make them sell everything when their idiocy is made public. I also wonder about the loneliness of telemarketers, journalists and billionaires.

I wonder how and if when our imaginary staring match with dad will end (dude, it`s 2014 and we haven`t spoken to each other!). I wonder about embarrasing conversations and phone calls (I am quietly judging you). I wonder about longevity and people`s sex drives.

And it makes me wonder.