What Would Jesus Eat Today?

A good question to ask. I bet a merciful diet would be one he`d promote.

Honk If You're Vegan


When my husband and I went vegan, my dad remarked, “I think it’s okay to eat meat because Jesus ate fish.” This stumped me. I didn’t know how to respond because my dad is a devout Catholic and a good man who lives in accordance with his faith. Who was I to challenge Jesus?

Unlike my dad, I don’t belong to a particular religion. Still, I believe that God probably exists and having grown up Christian I’m familiar with Jesus. Whether he’s God or God’s son I don’t know, but his kindness, love and compassion are undeniable.

I’m no bible scholar, but my dad’s probably right that Jesus ate fish. But does this mean that he didn’t care about animals? And does it mean that Christians shouldn’t consider the ethical significance of what they eat?

A Lot’s Changed in 2,000 Years!

I don’t know that the bible provides adequate information for…

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Pintos and Corn

Vegan and vegetarian options to feed the kids: sounds good to me!

The Expanding Circle

Lately I’ve been feeding four kids for weeks at a time, so I’ve been keeping things simple.  One of the kids, “Kay,” says she doesn’t like anything that tastes like anything else.  But she’s willing to eat healthy things, so I just make sure to have options that are very plain.  She’s excited that she likes tofu.  She took a bite of microwaved tofu and said, “It tastes like nothing.  I like it!”

Last night I made Tabouleh and that didn’t go over well.  I offered DIY toast as an option and they all took it.  We also had mixed nuts, green beans, and watermelon.  I don’t usually offer nuts for dinner but it was very hot and the power was out until late.  The Tabouleh was terrific, though I find the Goya brand I bought to be a bit mushy; it was mostly white, like they’d stripped off the…

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Highlights from our past weekend

There is spontaneous joy in a cool, low-budget weekend in the Duff household. To name a few delightful moments:

  • Messing with Duffgirl’s head after letting her know that I rank #1 on a specific level of Angry Birds (on Facebook), after all: she is quite competitive.
  • The veggie chicken salad my mom in law prepared for us. So good!
  • Back to back The Chainsaw Massacre late-night movies on a Mexican horror-suspense channel. Not that big fan of gore, but I realize I was not that familiar with Leatherface and the recent Michael Bay-produced reboots/remakes.
  • Watching Duffgirl wear a summer dress.
  • Feeding our friendly stray visitor cats (we sometimes forget to refill their plates).

Jessica Biel on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre