It’s a beautiful and sad life

Commitment: I will say no more often, express or document my gratitude, update my blog more regularly.

Here’s some art, photos and other recent stuff from my life without any context.


Moments of quiet dignity

It’s Sunday. It was a hot, productive day. I’m listening to Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. A week from now I’ll have seen them perform live in Guatemala City. Never did I think it would happen, but the music gods are sometimes kind.

Here, have a listen:

I’m finding self-acceptance, gratitude, joy. Yes, joy. I must embrace these moments. Let them caress me. They have already.

8th floor R&B

Some gratitude/observations throughout my day, so far.

  • Sitting on an 8th floor office, sipping a cup of coffee. I’m not a coffee snob, so… yes, I have no idea how they made it, but it’s pretty damn good.
  • The amount of traveling vendors on the bus I rode was minimal. Always a plus.
  • Although getting up today was no small feat, I felt like last night provided three simple pleasures: part of an old Sex and The City rerun I hadn’t seen, reading a few intense poems by Eduardo Villalobos, and falling asleep to a live album by Benny Ibarra (I hadn’t played his music in a long while).
  • Quality time with Peanut before heading out. Gave him a treat, fed him, changed his bowl of water and provided much needed kisses.
  • An ATM in the building’s lobby: sweet!
  • Remembering past great American Dad moments, most of them not rape-related (seriously, what’s with American Dad and Family Guy’s morbid fascination with child molestation and rape?)