Baseball Umpire Comes Out as Gay in First for Pro Sports

Originally posted on TIME:
Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott is the first active male official to come out as gay in the four major professional American sports leagues. Scott discussed his sexuality in an interview with OutSports published Tuesday. He previously came out in the October issue of Referee magazine, in which the umpire…

“It works because it’s beautiful — you either like it or you don’t — there’s no reason why it’s beautiful”

Sometimes words get in the way, my words at least. Through an A.V. Club link I discovered this magnificent review of Yeezus by the late Lou Reed. Enjoy. Kanye West is a child of social networking and hip-hop.  And he knows about all kinds of music and popular culture.  The guy has a real wide […]

People of Earth: do not listen to this man

He, Otto Pérez Molina, president of Guatemala, reminds me of this American Psycho exchange: Timothy Bryce: He makes himself out to be a harmless old codger, but inside… inside… Patrick Bateman: [voice-over] … “but inside” doesn’t matter. He has taken this country, in a little over a year, in a continued path, a downward spiral […]

I did it my way (insight from Jodie’s speech)

I was at work (at a newspaper) while Jodie gracefully received her lifetime-achievement award, Sunday night at the Golden Globes. There was a simultaneous transmission, people were talking, I was tweeting. Suffice it to say I did not grasp completely the nuances of her words, but I felt moved by them. When I arrived home, […]

Homophobia is…

Today I am grateful for knowledge, such as this: Homophobia is … • discriminating against lesbians and gay men because of their sexuality • harrassment of lesbians and gay men through namecalling, jokes about their sexuality, bullying or teasing • treating same sex partners diff erently to opposite sex partners • showing disrespect towards the […]