He, Otto Pérez Molina, president of Guatemala, reminds me of this American Psycho exchange:

Timothy Bryce: He makes himself out to be a harmless old codger, but inside… inside…

Patrick Bateman: [voice-over] … “but inside” doesn’t matter.

He has taken this country, in a little over a year, in a continued path, a downward spiral if you will, when it comes to human rights, corporate accountability and separation between Church and State (something not many Guatemalans remember is protected by the our Constitution, by the way).

Now, as if Guatemala didn´t have its hands full with the overwhelming rate of violent crimes, drug trafficking, poverty and corruption, Pérez Molina has reminded the rest of the world that: “his country is ‘pro-life’ and will remain opposed to any treaty proposed by the organization which includes marriage equality or abortion”. Does he require that much validation, that he will continue to these lengths to push a conservative agenda, when there is so much more at stake, aside from denying legitimate citizens (like the LGBT community) rights that are light years away for them (in Guatemala) anyway?


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