Farewell, Shinto goddess

It’s refreshing to find poetic moments between human animals and other species. In this case, I’m referring to Tama the cat‘s story. Read on and be prepared for a touching chapter in Japan’s recent history.



They have those scenes in movies because they’re true

“Like I said, he’s dying…”

I am, like most movie fans all over the world, quite sad about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing. I will be posting some of my favorite performances throughout the week.

George Clooney for W Magazine December 2013/January 2014

Having a Garden State flashback just now.

A Stairway to Fashion

The magazine is catching up with Clooney that plays the leader of a special organization of museum directors, curators, and art historians who join forces to rescue the art stole by the nazi during World War II in the movie The Monuments Men which will make its debute in theaters in early spring. The actor that coproduced, cowrote, and directed the movie opens up about art and his love for it.

What cultural icons have mattered most to you?

I grew up Catholic, and there were always religious icons that I’d see in church. The cross and the altar were big parts of my life. But when I was 10 years old, my father took me to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. I remember walking up those stairs and looking at this carved piece of marble that had nothing to do with a carved piece of marble. That statue said something to me…

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Love On The Brain

Now, is it wrong that all I can think about is songs with the world “love” in them? Such as “Why can´t this be love?” by Van Halen or the Tina Turner song, you know the one…

The Byronic Man

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s first name is, actually, “Love.”

Why do I know that?

No, really: why?  I don’t know where I learned that, or why, but I know that.  I’m not a fan of hers, nor a detractor.  I can’t be, I’ve never really seen her in anything, except maybe about 40 minutes of I Know What You Did Last Summer.  I think she was on a TV show that might have been about ghosts?  Or something?  So, why does my brain hold on to that tidbit of quasi-information?

I’ve always been one of those people who know a lot of seemingly random information, but usually there’s some context, some reason.  I can think of virtually no scenario in which I’d need to know that.

She shot a movie where I live once, and I think she lived here for a while at some point.  So, I suppose it…

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Scarlett Johansson in “Une Américaine A Paris” for Vanity Fair France July 2013

I like what I see.


Vanity Fair France July 2013 issue:
EdItorial: Une Américaine A Paris
Celeb/Model: Scarlett Johansson
Photography: Mark Seliger
Styling:  Deborah Afshani

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