Now, is it wrong that all I can think about is songs with the world “love” in them? Such as “Why can´t this be love?” by Van Halen or the Tina Turner song, you know the one…

The Byronic Man

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s first name is, actually, “Love.”

Why do I know that?

No, really: why?  I don’t know where I learned that, or why, but I know that.  I’m not a fan of hers, nor a detractor.  I can’t be, I’ve never really seen her in anything, except maybe about 40 minutes of I Know What You Did Last Summer.  I think she was on a TV show that might have been about ghosts?  Or something?  So, why does my brain hold on to that tidbit of quasi-information?

I’ve always been one of those people who know a lot of seemingly random information, but usually there’s some context, some reason.  I can think of virtually no scenario in which I’d need to know that.

She shot a movie where I live once, and I think she lived here for a while at some point.  So, I suppose it…

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2 thoughts on “Love On The Brain

  1. Ha this is great. I totes know what you mean. I don’t remember what my blood type is, but I know where all the nearest coffee shops are – now that’s survival.

    1. Yeah, our brains are strange creatures like that. Speaking of survival, this reminds me of a book that I read last year (and I probably should own): “Emergency: this book will save your life” by Neil Strauss. A fantastic work of non-fiction and survival guide.

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