People suffering from illnesses struggle to avoid feelings of being a burden to family and friends. I fear being, not only sickness, butBreaking Barriers Community Services Center the possibility of having to rely on someone for transportation, financial aid or medical care (I vividly remember the efforts it took my grandmother to visit my family after having one of her legs amputated, as a result of being run over by a bus).

Throughout the dozens of non-profit organizations that participate in Mediacause, I found Breaking Barriers, a way in which people can volunteer as drivers to help patients in need (in Sacramento, California). Also, it provides education and HIV testing:

Our counselors are specially trained to provide in depth counseling and referrals to those they test, but we always need people to help recruit clients, staff info tables or assist clients with paperwork.

The services that Breaking Barriers offers include:

For HIV/AIDS patients:

  • Transportation to Medical Appointments
  • Household Help
  • Moving Assistance
  • Holiday Food Baskets
  • Talking about Positive Prevention

For breast cancer patients:

  • Referrals
  • Treatment Navigation

If you or someone you know live near Sacramento, please spread the word about what this organization provides (or donate!).


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