ICROSS (International Community for Relief of Starvation and Suffering) is working hard to provide basic sanitation rights for children in need in Africa. To give you an idea of their current needs, I`ll share with you part of what they discovered:

Women and children walk on average 6km every day to fetch water, and the average weight of water they carry is 20kg
 “ I stopped going to School when I was 14 because there was nowhere to wash, no place I could manage my period, no girls toilet and nowhere to wash my hand[s] , I had no choice “ Susan ( 22 Mother of 3 children, Kenya )
ICROSS has been working with communities since 1980 to improve access to water, improve sanitation and reduce infectious disease through hygiene. With Over a Billion without clean water and hundreds of millions without toilets the Global solution requires poitical action to provide these rights and create change.
Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is part of UNICEFS Global campaign to end this injustice. World leaders have made promises which they have not kept. These promises must be kept to bring an end to the global sanitation and water crisis.
Photograph of water faucet by Li-sung
Creative Commons photograph of drops of water
By taking part in the Keep Your Promises campaign, you can unite with hundreds of thousands of people across the world who are taking action to ensure that basic sanitation and clean water are available for EVERYONE!
ICROSS is part of an international partnership that is launching a year long campaign.
“It is hard for us to imagine life without ever having a toilet, It`s one of those things we have never thought about. Now imagine your young children, those you love and old and sick managing without a toilet, water to wash, the absence of every and any amenity, no toilet paper, sanitary towel, anything ! This is reality for a third of humanity and it has to stop. There`s no excuse, water is a right !” Michael Meegan

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