Vegan and vegetarian options to feed the kids: sounds good to me!

The Expanding Circle

Lately I’ve been feeding four kids for weeks at a time, so I’ve been keeping things simple.  One of the kids, “Kay,” says she doesn’t like anything that tastes like anything else.  But she’s willing to eat healthy things, so I just make sure to have options that are very plain.  She’s excited that she likes tofu.  She took a bite of microwaved tofu and said, “It tastes like nothing.  I like it!”

Last night I made Tabouleh and that didn’t go over well.  I offered DIY toast as an option and they all took it.  We also had mixed nuts, green beans, and watermelon.  I don’t usually offer nuts for dinner but it was very hot and the power was out until late.  The Tabouleh was terrific, though I find the Goya brand I bought to be a bit mushy; it was mostly white, like they’d stripped off the…

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