“Lucas, look at this place. They’re so busy in here. You get to go and do something. Go help people. You’re good at it”. – María

I was very much looking forward to seeing The Impossible a few weeks ago, since the trailer alone almost brought me to tears. I remember when the Thailand tsunami hit: it happened the day after Christmas and it was my father’s birthday. We were relaxing at home, when the devastation was broadcast all over the world. Even though (as I read in Ricky Martin’s auto-biography) a lot of people turned into vultures (sexual predators, for example) during this terrible ordeal, this story proves that human kindness and selflessness are not myths. Both adults and children will reach out to one another.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I strongly suggest you do so: it will make you appreciate the little everyday things that we so often take for granted.

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