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This has to stop


“We are just a few more phone walkers short of a kind of critical mass…” Indeed, people. I have a heavy heart about my own responsibility as a new walking dead.

Originally posted on Quartz:

I do it. You do it. Your mother does it. Maybe even your grandmother. Definitely your stock broker, your barber, your manicurist, your doctor and your lawyer. But it’s tearing our world’s great cities apart. I’m talking about reading your phone while you walk down a busy sidewalk. It’s the worst thing ever. And everyone must stop doing it, immediately.

The sidewalks where I work, in New York City, are already dodge and weave affairs. There are, depending on the day and the hour, the piles of garbage bags, the sidewalk food carts and fruit stands, the unfortunate homeless who congregate around phone booths and garbage cans, the confused tourists, meandering, and the confident business professionals, plowing through. There are the medical technicians in their scrubs, working their grueling schedules and taking lunch breaks at 10 AM, and there are the two-by-two snaking lines of rambunctious private school children, out for…

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See Elephants Stop Truck From Overturning After It Gets Stuck in Mud


Such magnificent animals, so exploited.

Originally posted on TIME:

Police found two elephants trying to keep the 18-wheeler transporting them from overturning during its journey from New Orleans to the Dallas area Tuesday morning.

The truck, carrying three elephants from a Florida circus, got stuck in mud on Interstate 49 near the Powhatan exit in Natchitoches Parish, La., at about 7 a.m., according to a statement from the Natcitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office. A “local wrecker service” was called in to extract the truck.

The elephants were en route to a circus in Frisco, Texas.

Natcitoches Parish Sheriff's OfficeNatcitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office

Natcitoches Parish Sheriff's OfficeNatcitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office

(h/t ABC News)

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How ‘Fat Monica’ on Friends Stuck With Me All These Years


Self image, self acceptance.

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Friends has a few recurring backstories — Phoebe’s shady past, Ross’s divorce — but one seems to come up again and again: Monica used to be fat in high school.

We actually get to see it in Season Two. Mr. and Mrs. Geller drop off boxes from Monica’s childhood bedroom. The friends all happen to be over when they unearth a video of Monica and Rachel prepping for prom. The tape clicks into the VCR, and there’s Monica in a fat suit and a billowy maroon dress, clutching a sandwich.

“Some girl ate Monica!” crows Joey. And the audience laughs.

I thought grown-up life would basically be a Friends rerun. As a kid, I clung most to that image of adulthood. ’90s New York life seemed so fun and glamorous — the impossibly large apartments, the casually fashionable overalls, the Hootie & the Blowfish concerts.

My family wasn’t hopelessly devoted…

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