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An inspiration to move forward, yet remain vulnerable.

Originally posted on Becoming Jennie:

Today marks the five year anniversary of my very first post on BecomingJennie. It’s hard to believe that five years have passed. It seems it’s just as difficult to know where to end as it was to know how to begin.

I suppose, like anything, I simply should start at the beginning.

April 6th, 2009, I entered into a televised rehab as a joke. My intentions were to gain national notoriety for being a sex addict and to rocket my career as an adult performer into the stratosphere. In process of detoxing from the incredible amounts of alcohol, marijuana and oxytocin that once ran through my blood, my feelings “turned back on” and I was left wondering how it was that at 26 years of age, I had no identity other than the one created for viewer enjoyment. 19 days after entering the rehab program, I committed to leaving the…

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Teen Shot Dead After Using App to Find Missing Cell Phone


These little devices…

Originally posted on TIME:

A young man was shot dead after he used a location app to track down his missing cell phone.

Jeremy Cook, 18, left his cell phone in a cab and used an app to find out where it had gone. He eventually arrived behind a strip mall in the London, Ontario area, and at 5:15 a.m. Sunday he and a relative walked up to a car parked behind the mall. When the car started to drive away, Cook reached for the door and then was shot multiple times.

The car eventually ran into a pole and fence, and the three suspects inside fled. Cook’s phone was discovered near the vehicle.

“The app is not what makes the scenario dangerous—it is the human beings or the people you interact with,” Const. Ken Steeves told CTV News Channel. “So, our advice is if there is any indication of violence, or of potential…

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Charted: the precise moment when Americans started liking George W. Bush more than Barack Obama


Really? Boggles the mind. I blame the shameless use of drones.

Originally posted on Quartz:

A poll released yesterday (June 3) by CNN and ORC International found that only 49% of Americans have a “favorable” view of US president Barack Obama. Historically, presidents have been least popular with the public during their second terms in office, so it isn’t surprising to see Obama’s favorability rating slip below 50%. It’s not even the first time he has had less than a majority of favorable responses.

It is, however, the first time that he has been liked less than former president George W. Bush.

Bush, who left office in 2009 with a 35% favorability rating, is now viewed favorably by 52% of Americans surveyed. Based on past data (pdf) from the CNN/ORC poll, this marks the first time since 2005 that a majority have had a favorable opinion of Bush.

Percent-of-favorable-ratings-vs-unfavorable-or-none-in-polling-Obama-Bush_chartbuilder (1)

The survey was conducted between May 29 and May 31. Results are based on telephone interviews with 1,025 US adults.

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