Putin and Trump… make it happen

A burger restaurant in Lithuania has become internet-famous for a brilliant piece of political graffiti. Keulė Rūkė, a casual eatery in the capital city of Vilnius, has decorated its storefront with a mural of Russian president Vladimir Putin kissing Donald Trump. (Facebook/Keulė Rūkė)It’s a nod to a famous photograph from 1979, of the Soviet leader…

via Behold this amazing mural of Vladimir Putin kissing Donald Trump on the lips — Quartz

I shall call you Phantom James

Call the man above, the pixeled guy, a clown and he will spin it into something positive. He is, after all, an actor. He is also Guatemala’s next president… despite never having served as a public official. Ever. Let it sink in…

Yes, Guatemala really knows how to pick them, right? So… as an art statement, I’ll refuse to let his image stick in photographs. Jimmy Morales (a grotesquely unprepared, racist, sexist and unaccountable man) will remain a collection of pixels for me. He will not show up in photos, as if he saw the tape in The Ring.