Grateful Moment #7: Disgusting Flowery Perfume! (via Romi)

Fellow blogger, writer and all around fabulous Romi Moondi makes a flowery point about what role the elderly, and their craving for flowery essences, play in modern society.

Grateful Moment #7: Disgusting Flowery Perfume! Join me for a personal shout-out, to the inventors of disgusting flowered essence. To be honest, I abhor the smell of flowered perfume, but to the grannies of our time who chase the scent like it’s a club-pack size of Depends on sale for $9.99, flowery perfume is a gift! If flowery perfume had ne … Read More

via Romi


Well done, America, you gave us syphillis

I so wish this was a joke. In case you missed the headlines a couple of weeks ago, “the United States government apologized for experiments conducted in Guatemala in the 1940s… U.S. scientists infected prostitutes with syphilis or gonorrhea, who were then told to have unprotected sex with prison inmates and soldiers, later testing them in order to find possible cures”. “According to the U.S. government, about 1500 Guatemalans were infected with the sexually transmitted diseases from 1946 to 1948. None of those studied were given information about what was taking place or gave their consent for the experiment. During the study, when few test subjects became infected with the STDs, scientists used mental patients as test subjects, rubbing the infection on their genitals”.

I know: a collective or political “my bad” just doesn’t seem to cover it…

Notes to self

  • It’s that time of the month again: call your dad, Duffboy!
  • Wheren’t you going to contact an embassy regarding a possible art exhibit?
  • Must return Andrew Blake’s Pin Ups 2 to Julio (ask him about The Singing Detective, Meeting People is Easy & other movies you loaned him 3 or 4 years ago).
  • Buy cat food for our lovely 3 official friends, plus guest cat mom Luna and her 5 kittens.

But it did happen

About six months ago, I had the privilege of collaborating with noted Guatemalan/Salvadorian writer and artist Alejandro Marré on an installation titled But it did happen. My theme for a series of analog and digital black&white snapshots was child abuse. As part of this installation I also drew inspiration from the words of Katheleen Rosas (also, my life partner/wife) and Australian poet Evita Oz. I blog about this because, aside from the visual plug at the bottom of this post, I have procrastinated the first steps I need to take to continue with this theme, now with the images of Berns,  a Spain-based Irish artist who also has addressed these unspeakable crimes. Procrastination will be over this week, all it takes a few phone calls and emails…

My second sale!

Just when I was trying to pick my brain in order to come up with some blog material, I receive an email notifying me of  a sale in my RedBubble portfolio. How cool is this: my second entry in my sophomore WordPress blog is about… my second sale (2day is all about the 2s). I urge you to follow this buyer’s lead and browse through my work: we got calendars, postcards, t-shirts, stickers, framed prints, etc…

About the work: a digital photo of a men’s room detail, in defunct MZ store in Guatemala City, 2009.

Before I fill that “about me” section…

…I have to say: welcome to the new edition of Duffboy! I needed to take a break from my previous blogging effort. I know this is a bit of a monologue at the moment, but I just want to say that I’m looking forward to a new chapter here. Will try to keep it sweet and less dark. That’s my first promise for now.

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