Notes to self

  • It’s that time of the month again: call your dad, Duffboy!
  • Wheren’t you going to contact an embassy regarding a possible art exhibit?
  • Must return Andrew Blake’s Pin Ups 2 to Julio (ask him about The Singing Detective, Meeting People is Easy & other movies you loaned him 3 or 4 years ago).
  • Buy cat food for our lovely 3 official friends, plus guest cat mom Luna and her 5 kittens.

But it did happen

About six months ago, I had the privilege of collaborating with noted Guatemalan/Salvadorian writer and artist Alejandro Marré on an installation titled But it did happen. My theme for a series of analog and digital black&white snapshots was child abuse. As part of this installation I also drew inspiration from the words of Katheleen Rosas (also, my life partner/wife) and Australian poet Evita Oz. I blog about this because, aside from the visual plug at the bottom of this post, I have procrastinated the first steps I need to take to continue with this theme, now with the images of Berns,  a Spain-based Irish artist who also has addressed these unspeakable crimes. Procrastination will be over this week, all it takes a few phone calls and emails…

My second sale!

Just when I was trying to pick my brain in order to come up with some blog material, I receive an email notifying me of  a sale in my RedBubble portfolio. How cool is this: my second entry in my sophomore WordPress blog is about… my second sale (2day is all about the 2s). I urge you to follow this buyer’s lead and browse through my work: we got calendars, postcards, t-shirts, stickers, framed prints, etc…

About the work: a digital photo of a men’s room detail, in defunct MZ store in Guatemala City, 2009.

Before I fill that “about me” section…

…I have to say: welcome to the new edition of Duffboy! I needed to take a break from my previous blogging effort. I know this is a bit of a monologue at the moment, but I just want to say that I’m looking forward to a new chapter here. Will try to keep it sweet and less dark. That’s my first promise for now.

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