Allison Approves

  1. She should get moving and move things around, things that are just lying there. Instead of just bugging me. I would approve that.
  2. I’m still paying for mistakes done while under her influence.
  3. Tried to pay to have Allison whacked. It doesn’t work out that way.
  4. Silvia “the former groupie” B. still owes you that freelance money. This is Allison getting even for your own lack of accountability.
  5. She knows about the bad days.Angry Monsters by Barbara Zuzevich artwork
  6. People who shouldn’t reproduce do, while my phone reproduces unwanted missed calls updates.
  7. “Like a wound that keeps on bleeding to remind me not to think,
    Like a raging river drowning when I only need a drink…”
  8. Corporate-sponsored pain, take it away, girl.
  9. Wash the dishes, do the laundry, follow the lead.
  10. Behold! The Nightmare.
  1.  A need to filter your online persona, for proffesional purposes.
  2.  Polar bears deserve better.
  3.  It’s almost as if she knew.
  4.  Our correspondence is a privilege, not a right.
  5.  Allison takes notes (not always good ones).
  6.  Short films and procrastination.
  7. Reality tv mothers with hormone therapy lust.
  8. You don’t know the half of it, Allison.
  9. Settle down, Allison, you will get yours.
  10. Poor beaten down Gary, such an easy target.
  11. Still waiting for a wedding invitation?
  12. We don’t belong to each other, yet we behave otherwise.
  13. Picture frames, commitment blues, walks of shame.
  14. Take my sweater, Allison, and burn it.
  15. A bloody Cheaters episode.
  16. The Black Eyed Peas will not destroy our songs.
  17. My lifestyle determines my deathstyle“.
  18. Never a dark closet or basement.
  19. Daddy’s gonna pay for your crashed car.
  20. Help me get my first company, Allison, won’t you please?
  21. Refrain from alienation.
  22. Do not eat while working.
  23. Hold still when needed.
  24. Let`s get our taxes in order, whenever possible.
  25. A classy self-promoter.
  26. Caring about the suicidal, Allison.
  27. They didn`t care about the suicidal, unless they could bone them.
  28. Energy drinks and mayhem.
  29. Belated comebacks.
  30. Biloxi Blues flashback.
  1. Allison wants gourmet food. I sometimes oblige.
  2. Put on your dancing shoes.

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