I have elluded talking about myself here, in this humble little blog. I’ve hidden behind reblogged posts and musical choices. Even in the fact that I put myself a limit of 180 words to write something approaching honesty, that says a lot about where I’m coming from.

Highlights from the past year: the end of my marriage; A Season of Faith’s Perfection we could say. I can’t and won’t write any further about it, not right now at least.

Tattoos. Submissiveness. Deceit. Meltdowns. Romance. Optimism. Peace. Fear. Sex. Self. Misunderstandings. Solitude. Love.Truth.

Valentina 2

And I wonder
When I sing along with you 
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

It could all seem like a blur, I feel as though I’ve lived many lives throughout a 12-month period. Sometimes it’s like binging on a specific movie or tv show, or like going through a  playlist or song over and over again. Learned to be innocent, at times. Self-aware, cynical too.

But here I am, trying to have a Jerry Maguire moment of my own. Not sure If I’m getting across. Just wanted to be naked for a moment. If only for a moment.


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