Sad and frustrating.


If you look at most maps of Gaza, you won’t find the neighborhood of Shujaiyeh on it. But the name of the neighborhood on the eastern edge of Gaza City will likely go down in history as a particularly horrific point in a war between Israel and Hamas that only seems to get bloodier and more bitter by the day.

Each side has its own story, and they differ so substantially that it is almost a deja vu of the terrible bloodshed in the West Bank city of Jenin in 2002: Palestinians called it a massacre, Israelis said it was a battle.

This much is clear: the Israeli army laid siege to the Gaza neighborhood of Shujaiyeh late Saturday night and throughout the early hours on Sunday, shelling it with artillery blasts as well as airstrikes and helicopter fire. Israel Defense Forces soldiers also went in on foot and had…

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2 thoughts on “Israel Prepares For Long War in Gaza As Both Sides Suffer Most-Yet Casualties

  1. I’d just like to know when, if ever, the United States is going to stop supporting the Zionist State (“Israel”)–whose very establishment was an act of terrorism against Palestians, in the first place.

    There are atrocities going on all over the world right now. But the reason this one is so personal to me is that my government supports it–and has been doing so for over six decades.

    These people, who had lived and died on that land for over 1300 years, were simply pushed off in 1948. Anyone who resisted was shot to death by Zionist Jews–who themselves were supported by several nations, though particularly the United States.

    Every single year, my government sends billions of dollars, plus advanced weaponry, to the Zionist State. And now the Zionist State actually has more weapons, per capita, than any other nation in the world. The Zionist State is also the only nation in the Middle East that actually has nuclear weapons.

    And still my government supports it, no matter what it does.

    The justification used in the establishment of the Zionist State was that it was to compensate Jews for the Holocaust. But the Arabs had absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust. And for over sixty years now, the Zionist government has been doing the same thing to Palestian Arabs as the NAZI government did to European Jews.

    But it’s Christians–particularly American Christians–who support this atrocity the most. It’s just another way Christians continue persecuting Muslims–as they’ve always done.

    My government cannot go to war with the Zionist State–it’s too late. But it must stop supporting the Zionist State. The U.S. has done far more than enough damage already–enough is enough.

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