“Memories of the flesh are indeed powerful, both to the messenger *and* the viewer”.


Why do people get tattooed?

The answers to that simple question warrant several blog posts, so I’ll keep it short. Some people just love the look and feel of body modifications. They appreciate the skill that goes into making a piece of art on flesh. They love the feel of metal against skin. Or maybe they love the outlaw symbolism that goes hand in hand with body art. Usually, they have a lifetime love affair (or at least, a reoccurring fascination) with the art that is tattoo design. I should know: I’m one of these people. My love affair started at the age of three, when I first noticed an anchor on my great-uncle’s forearm. He also had a battleship on his chest. I remember crawling in his lap and begging him to roll up his sleeve. Uncle Sam didn’t like showing off his tattoos when he got older, or…

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