But I would say that “Fix You” leads his playlist.

The Happy Heart

Want to hear something funny? God listens to Coldplay. How do I know? Read on and I’ll explain.

I’ve shared my own story of living with eating disorders and bulimia since I was 11. I am now fully recovered and have been free for over ten months. You can read more about my story on The Fight For Beauty.

In the midst of my journey one morning, I woke up feeling distraught. It had been a long, long battle that I’d been fighting and it would almost always win and leave me feeling hopeless, for lack of a better word. I decided that instead of allowing myself to get engrossed in self pity, that I would go for a walk. While walking, I began talking to God and just being honest. “God, I feel fat. I feel ugly. I feel like a deadbeat. I feel fat. I feel ugly”…

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