So true. That`s how I know that I`ve stumpled upon a voice I can learn from, when I think “I wish I had written this”.

Jen Danger Writes

You know when you meet someone and they tell you their occupation, how you can nervously justify yourself to them? Like when your friend introduces their dad, the hairdresser. You subconsciously flatten your hastily-combed mop, whilst explaining what a busy morning you had with the kids, and how you don’t usually let your roots grow out this much. Or your new boyfriend is a personal trainer, and for ages you hide all the junk food in the house before he comes over. It’s not necessarily because you think they will judge you. It is because you know that as an expert in their field, they might notice more than the average person. They look with a trained eye.

If you want to be a writer, you can learn from your reaction to that hairdresser and your hot new boyfriend. Whenever you read something, look beyond just receiving the information or…

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