Oh man, there are times when I miss cable tv. And, even though I took a lot of the programming for granted, I do feel that bit of nostalgia when some of the shows that I grew to love (and hate) pop up on the internet radar. South Park, for instance.

Kudos to The AV Club, for its exploration of this episode, “Informative Murder Porn”, which “flips normal concerns about the psychological effects of consuming certain entertainment on its head by making the children worried about what shows their parents are watching”.

As Ryan McGee notes, the main target of the plot line (aside from the fear of the kids´ parents murdering each other, as a result of enjoying one too many documentary programs that feature recreations of grisly marital violence)           are cable companies and the nanny state.

“Anyone who has ever wished for a la carte service in their cable package probably wanted to throttle the smug employees as they protested how much they wanted to decouple certain cable packages, but simply couldn’t. In the end, in response to Stan’s earnest plea to prevent his parents from murdering each other, the cable company comes up with a brilliant business plan: They take the “murder porn” channels off the normal package, but offer them at a higher tier of payment. (Along with 300 additional channels, all in Portuguese. Naturally.)”

Like I was saying, I sure miss cable… though not the cable company.


Randy and Sharon Marsh spice up their love lives


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