Did you read SuperFreakonomics? It poses that shark attacks are quite rare.

The Byronic Man

Shark Week starts again on the Discovery Channel this weekend.   So, why do I think Shark Week on The Discovery Channel is just so, so ridiculous?

Well, because…

“Sharks are calm, by nature.  Focused.  But for ages scientists have wondered: how will they react if we throw blood and food in the water, then slap them in the face and jab them with sharp sticks and tell them they’re fat?  We endeavored to answer this age-old question and – Holy crap, they’ve gone berserk!  Look at that rage!  That destruction!  I did NOT see this coming!  This is as surprising and shocking as it is photogenic!”


“Here we see a Yellow Shark patrolling the ocean floor, scanning for prey. He comes upon a fish and, whoa!  Did you see him eat that fish?! He ate the hell out of that fish!  Can you imagine if your child was that…

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