It’s all about the little things.

A Day in the Life of Shareen A.

There will be days that start with the gleeful cheer of your spouse shouting he told you so.

Where he will run victoriously and obnoxiously throughout the house in nothing but his boxers screaming to the world of his triumph.

There will be days when your two year old innocently looks in your general direction and sweetly murmurs the word “beautiful.” And silly you – you will think he’s referring to you, his mother, only to find that he was gushing over another kid’s mom standing right behind you.

You will stare at him as he stares at her wishing with every ounce of his tiny little body that he could extract her DNA and replace it with the part that’s yours.

You will continue rapidly grabbing anything and everything at the grocery store, only to have that same two year old scream obscenities you didn’t even know existed. You…

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