I know for a fact that part of why I really enjoy The Weather Man is because of the relationship between Nicolas Cage’s and Michael Caine’s characters. I wonder if it’ll become a cult classic anytime soon.

Robert Spritzel: [Robert Spritz drives up] Weatherman!
[Dave prepares to be hit with food]
Dave Spritz: [Dave gets in his father’s car] Hey.
Robert Spritzel: Hi.
Dave Spritz: Are you all right?
Robert Spritzel: Yeah. Umm, I just wanted you to…
Dave Spritz: What?
[Robert Spritz begins playing Bob Seger’s “Like a Rock”]
Robert Spritzel: I don’t really get it. Am I following it?
Dave Spritz: It was just a lead up to other things I wanted to say. Here’s the part.
[“… And I held firm to what I felt was right like a rock…”]
Dave Spritz: I wanted to talk about that part… about you. That’s like you.
Dave Spritz: I got the job.
Robert Spritzel: New York?
[Dave Spritz nods his head yes]
Robert Spritzel: That’s terrific. That’s a remarkable income. That’s more money than I ever made, that salary.
Dave Spritz: Yeah.
Robert Spritzel: That’s quite an American accomplishment.
Dave Spritz: Thanks.
Robert Spritzel: Are you okay?
Dave Spritz: I can’t knuckle down. Noreen’s marrying Russ.
Dave Spritz: There’s nothing to knuckle down on, so… I can’t fucking knuckle down.
Robert Spritzel: Your hand…
Dave Spritz: I just saw Mike’s counselor.
Robert Spritzel: Mike mentioned that you were gonna fix this business up. He’s in no trouble?
[Dave shakes his head no]
Robert Spritzel: Good job. Your hand okay?
Dave Spritz: It’s okay.
Robert Spritzel: You certain?
Dave Spritz: Don’t worry.

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