It is time to take a closer look to overlooked pitching styles.

With baseball’s postseason looming right around the corner it seemed only appropriate to take a look at the recently released documentary, Knuckleball. Knuckleball is a look at past and present pitchers who throw the rare and unique pitch in the game. It’s a rare and highly debated pitch that can make the best hitters in the game look like a novice. The film focuses mainly on the two most recent pitchers who throw the pitch. One is the recently retired Boston Red sox, Tim Wakefield. The other is current New York Mets pitcher, R.A. Dickey.

The film chronicles their history in the game and how it is they became knuckleball pitchers. The stories of Wakefield and Dickey are very different paths but at the same time take on a similarity. Both men’s passion for the game of baseball never has, nor can ever be called into question. When there paths…

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