Remember how a couple weeks ago I was telling you about a certain bridge here in Guatemala City? Turns out, over a week ago I was assigned to photograph a group of families that decided to set up their new homes (if you can actually call them that…) in the nearby grounds of El Incienso bridge. I meant to write about this sooner, but I`m grateful for an unexpected moment that I encountered there: a couple of boys asked if I was from “la prensa” (the paper, newspaper that is). I said that I was. They immediately asked me to take their portrait. Afterwards, they asked if it was going to be published. I didn`t have the heart to tell them the truth (though it finally got published, just not in the paper), I gave them a vague answer.

Now, if you have no reassurance of how and where you are going to be sleeping that night, the ability to embrace friendship and smile for a stranger with a camera is something quite beautiful. Here is one of the photographs I shot of them:

smiling boys in Guatemala City near The Incense bridge


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