Promo poster for the Dream Theater A Dramatic Tour of Events concert in Guatemala

Over a month ago I had the opportunity to have a phone interview with either John Petrucci (guitarist) or James LaBrie (vocalist) of Dream Theater. After about an hour of phone tag between the front desk at their hotel in New Jersey, and their hotel rooms, round 1 did not have an interview in store for me. A couple of weeks ago (days before their scheduled concert here in Guatemala City) I waited for a phone call that would not come (this time, maybe with the entire band present), and round 2 would also produce a “failure in communication”. To give you an idea of part of what I had prepared to ask DT, here are a few of my questions:

    • What makes a great tour or show from your band`s perspective?
    • I know that you consider your best work to be ahead of you, but is there a particular album of yours that you feel most proud of?
    • Where do you see Dream Theater`s place in the landscape of metal and hard rock?
    • Considering the cinematic aspects of your music, have you been approached for tv or film projects, like the case of Pink Floyd, Explosions in the Sky or Broken Social Scene?
    • Have you or would you consider group therapy to keep your working and personal relationships going forward?
    • What is the last album that you listened to?
    • Would you appreciate the irony if A Dramatic Turn of Events, for some reason, would end up being Dream Theater`s last album?

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