I might not be referring to the actual movie (though I believe it`s a wonderful story) this time around, I`m embracing the little/big moments of clarity we get through the internet. Sometimes they come in the shape of a tweet from a friend of yours, sometimes they`re in the shape of a constant reader and commenter (thanks, Scott!) or from an inspiring blog post.

We are the lucky ones, because we can reach out to one another, through cyberspace, and we don`t encounter hostile territory every time. We share our life stories, the good and the bad… and, of course, the ugly.

And, sweetie, we can look ahead to where things will be better, and God will not be “a concept by which we measure our pain”. He or she will see into our eyes, or just play a guitar riff.


2 thoughts on “We are the lucky ones

  1. My pleasure, Luis!

    This is what I like most about blogging! The closer people are to me, the more they judge me. So my immediate family members are the worst people in my life. With blogging, other people are close enough to appreciate me, yet not close enough to judge me. And that’s a good feeling!

    1. I`m sorry to hear about your family, but I realize that blogging is a public exercise where the private lines can be blurred to our advantage. Here`s to them being more understanding with you. Thanks for your comments and constant reading!

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