Hesher is so much of what you want in a film. As an aspiring screen-writer, I remember what I`ve read about characters that face life-altering moments, as a result of the influence of another character`s actions, thoughts or words. Given that Hesher`s words are R-rated material (yet, you end up relating to what he has to offer… kind of) and his actions reflect his appetite for destruction (or self-contentment), he is not your go-to guy when it comes to big statements on what`s right or wrong… or is he?

Sometimes, life`s biggest lessons are handed to you not by your parents or teachers, but by a random stranger or acquaintance you might not ever meet again.

Hesher drawing film poster




2 thoughts on “Intense life coaching through Hesher

  1. That’s fascinating–I want to take a look at that film!

    And it’s quite true what you say: I saw a wildlife documentary recently, in which an ordinary citizen (I believe it was in India) said something quite extraordinary: “We cannot solve tomorrow’s problems today.”

    1. I found the movie quite enjoyable, here`s to you appreciating it as much as I did! I must disagree with what the citizen states, though: a bit of imagination could actually save us, I hope, from tomorrow`s problems today. 🙂

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