Remember how, a few months ago, I was telling you about a Client From Hell? Well, turns out, that the client just made the shortlist in the Direct Lions category for the 59th International Festival of Creativity of Cannes Lions. I had been commissioned to be a copy writer for this particular project, though I was not aware that it was intended to be a submission for this festival, nor that the target audience were 5th grade teachers.

Quite the contrary, I was told that my potential audience were not big fans of reading… funny, the actual results of the campaign for their client, Scrabble:

“Before this campaign, Scrabble had never been promoted in schools. In an era of digital games it’s very difficult to impact kids with a board game. This action was very well received by teachers and made the game so popular with kids that it made them ask for it at home”.

“The package contained a Scrabble Dice game and a hard-cover book with 6 tales and the Scrabble board printed on the back cover. We picked 3 classic tales and wrote a different story for each one of them using the exact same letters, not only for the title but also for the whole story. This not only proved the infinite possibilities of Scrabble but also made the game popular in class, helping teachers turn letters into much more than a school subject”.

“Sending the package to 100 teachers we reached around 9,000 students, 9,000 families with an average of 5 members each that gave us a total of 45,000 Scrabble players. The sales of Scrabble increased by 22% compared with the same period the year before.”

Never mind that I was not paid a single cent for months of work, back and forth email, exhausting correspondence… what I`m most pissed about is that this was a project that I initially was excited about and, had I been given a client brief, clear guidelines and a contract, this is something that I would`ve been proud to be a part of. The agency did not use any of my copy writing “samples”, since we were not on the same page (I was told), but even if they had… as a freelance writer, I would not have received credit for it…  I think I`m ok with that. Ask me again tomorrow.

Here`s a lovely Scrabble ad:


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