Coming from someone who has moved quite a bit in the last decade or so, by no means do I look forward to moving yet again. But I have a lot of reasons (that I`m sure Duffgirl shares) to foresake the town we live in. Here are just five of them.

1. Stray dogs. We see too many of them wandering or clinging to life everyday: puppies, elder dogs, whole litters of them. It… breaks… my… heart.

2. Security. Though we have not seen or witnessed too many violent crimes (what is too many?, you might wonder), just knowing that families have been massacred, children being pursued and killed execution-style, it`s reason enough to seek greener pastures.

3. Gas mileage. Driving an average of 15 miles everyday might not seem that much of a hassle, but have you noticed gas (or petrol, for my UK readers) prices?

4. Food delivery. I`m not that big a fan of having junk food delivered to our home, but I do concede that having more than one or two options would be nice (see reason 2 for why fast food companies steer clear from our neighborhood).

Still, I count my blessings. Things could always be worse:

FEMA - 3774 - Photograph by Andrea Booher taken on 05-04-1999 in Oklahoma


4 thoughts on “4 reasons why moving would be quite fantastic

  1. I certainly cannot blame you for wanting to move. The U.S. certainly isn’t what it used to be, but have you considered moving here?

    1. The U.S. presents a lot of possibilities. I don´t have the necessary documentation for it, but it would be interesting getting to know the U.S. cause I’ve never been there.

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