I`m not sure if he`s the one to blame for this silliness of making a “heart” shape with your hands, but let me tell you: he, and everyone following with this trend, looks cheesy, corny and quite unscientific. For you see, the heart looks like a fist wrapped in blood, not the curvy drawing we were taught to draw as a heart… when we were kids.

The worst of all, the guiltiest of this trendy bunch: photographers who enable this silliness, asking even newlyweds to participate in this hand shenanigans.

Shame on you, shame on all of you!

Making the heart shape with hands sunset

4 thoughts on “I blame David Guetta

  1. I’ve noticed this trend too, and I agree that it looks ridiculous!

    Makes me wonder how they came up with that shape for the heart, in the first place.

  2. yeah! I agree too…but you know if we take the time to criticize every single action, other people do and especially the followers, what we’re doing is giving them what they want…attention. Let’s focus on important things…this is just my personal thought, who ever agrees or disagrees is up to their own mind.

    1. You have a great point there. Even including a photo to illustrate my pet peeve was something that I was not completely comfortable with. Thanks for your comment!

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