I saw this petition on Care2, signed it and thought I had to share it with the world.

About 20 years ago, Reggie Clemons was sentenced to death for allegedly being an accomplice to murder. Despite a lack of evidence tying him to the crime and an unfair jury selection during his trial, he still remains on death rowHelp stop Reggie’s sentence before its too late!»
Reggie’s sentence is a prime example of flaws that lie within the U.S. death penalty system. Reggie was originally picked up by the police without a warrant. He was also beaten and threatened while interrogated. Nothing about his case has been right or fair from day one!
139 nations have ended executions and yet the United States is still one of the top five executing nations in the world. Don’t let Reggie become yet another victim of this irreversible fate.
Take action today. Together we can stop the execution of Reggie ClemonsCare 2 petition for Reggie Clemmons

2 thoughts on “Stop the execution of Reggie Clemmons

  1. How about a little fucking info, other than ‘despite lack of evidence’. You give absolutely NO information on why he should be spared. Another person has already been executed, did that ‘killer’ not say he was innocent? I don’t sign petitions based on a single sentence when it comes to the death penalty, because I am FOR the death penalty.

    All I see all the time is black people saying ‘spare so N so’ because he’s black and innocent. WHAT? Nobody else is innocent?

    Post the info and if its legitimate I’ve got 300 people who will sign.

    1. Hi. The appeal for this convict does not rely upon lack of physical evidence alone: other red flags include: “allegations of police coercion, prosecutorial misconduct, and a ‘stacked’ jury”. I am not African American and I’m pretty sure not everyone of the thousands of people who have signed the Care2 petition (and other ones regarding this case) is, this is a case of human rights and right to due process.

      Here is the Amnesty International link, which includes a fact sheet about the case. http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/cases/usa-reggie-clemons

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