Today is International Women’s Day, and I would really appreciate it as a personal favor if you’d sign this petition (if you haven’t already). I will share you the details:

Cristina’s Siekavizza’s disappearance in Guatemala City, on July 7, 2011, has opened up Pandora’s box regarding Guatemalan corruption and female homicides. The case was originally thought to be a kidnapping, and private investigators were hired to solve the case. As the police began to investigate, they found incriminating evidence against Cristina’s husband, Roberto Barreda, for the possible murder of his missing wife. Cristina’s disappearance, and possible murder, have moved Guatemalans to demand justice against a growing epidemic of femecide happening in their country.
Please let Otto Pérez Molina, President of Guatemala, know that his administration should cooperate with FBI authorities and Interpol, as well as local law-enforcement, to help solve this case (as well as pursue the international warrant for Roberto Barreda).

Roberto Barreda is wanted for the disappearance of Cristina Siekavizza

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