Some people get nasty when they are drunk, others do a little bit of drunk-dialing, I talk about celebrities. Well, not so much as “talk”, but try to connect names with emotions in a very Ron Burgundy kind of way (minus the crying). As I let my body process several rounds of tequila and vodka on Christmas Eve, a Marc Anthony song came on the radio, which led me to “mention” J-Lo and her new dancer boyfriend, and Marc Anthony and his dancers (I don’t know why… was he involved with any of them, do they really tear up the dance floor?). Now, I ask you, dear readers, what is it about pop stars that propels them to hook up with dancers:

“They were very sexy with each other, dancing and bouncing around and making out”

I guess that anonymous source hints at what the big mystery behind the relationship between bouncing around and a satisfying relationship, but seriously… Britney allegedly fooled around with her choreographer, which led to Justin’s Cry Me A River. (pause for music video)

But, going back to J-Lo, what’s up with the dancers/choreographers? I mean, am I the only one who’d rather enjoy a quiet evening watching movies, instead of obsessing on the floor? Alas, I’m no pop star, and I do not fancy dancers as my romantic flavors of the month or significant others (I will say this on Marc Anthony’s defense, he was married to her… for years, and that should provide much great imagery when traveling down memory lane). I just mention celebrities when I am drunk (also when I’m sober, but it’s much more amusing when I’m drunk).

Time for a poll. 


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