Because Christmas with the family can be part National Lampoon’s, part Christmas Story, I share with you Antigone’s view.

Antigone's Clamor

Story: Leigh

Illustrations: Eyelaugh

Having Christmas with my family is like having Christmas with the fey. We’re pleasant, ordinary (okay, that might be stretching it a bit) people, but when Christmas time comes around, we turn into capricious, willful creatures. While some people might have sweet, charmed Christmases where everyone will dress up, pleasantly take turns opening presents, or have a calm dinner, my family is another story. We all have minds of our own, which creates for an interesting Christmas dynamic.


Like most kiddos, my siblings will plan what they want for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over. Unlike most kiddos, they carefully plan what they are going to get for others, sometimes months in advance. While we all might know what we’re getting each other, none of us know what our parents will get us! It’s often not anything on the list, because we have totally unrealistic…

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