I’ve been re-reading Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad (read for the first time in 2008) and I found a quote that speaks to this particular moment in my life:

I once met a young woman who had dreams of swimming for the U.S. Olympic team. The reality was, she had to get up every morning at 4 a.m. to swim for three hours before going to school. She did not party with her friends on Saturday night. She had to study and keep her grades up, just like everyone else.

When I asked her what compelled her with such super-human ambition and sacrifice, she simply said, “I do it for myself and the people I love. It’s love that gets me over the hurdles and sacrifices.”

I sometimes feel like I’ve led many lives in just one body and that my efforts, motivations and actions have gone in many (sometimes opposing) directions.  For the moment, I’m feeling in a very Jerry Maguire kind of mode: I may not have the guts to face overwhelming change and be idealistic… but I’m getting there.

WIN baby... so cute


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