Not really, but I sometimes feel like my negativity says: “Well, you better step outside, son, I’m in charge today”. I once could say: “I’m a people person”. The thing is, that’s too much of a generous statement. I do not like all people… it has become clearer to me now. Oh well, as long as I don’t open a can of whoop ass, or bitch-slap someone, I think I can silently “hate” all I want. What’s the harm in that?

Hater Uncle Sam

P.S. I love the Benetton Unhate campaign!


5 thoughts on “I am The Hater

    1. Thank you, Miss Demure Restraint, for visiting my blog and for commenting. I was unaware that when I posted this the Unhate campaign had been launched… I kinda feel bad now. In this case, as a Fatboy Slim song goes: Drop The Hate 😉

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