This is not me obsessing, it is me attempting empathy, belated empathy for another species, realizing the horror that we inflict upon it, without apologies.

I feel for those bears and their cubs, and I try not to have violent thoughts towards mankind.


6 thoughts on “Where is our self-destruct button?

    1. I know more violence is not the answer, but I realize how visceral a reaction this type of news can stir within us. Thank you for sharing this story with me in the first place, babe.

  1. That’s horrible! I’ve hunted (deer) myself, and fished. But I’ve always treated my prey as humanely as possible. And I’ve always eaten whatever I killed. But this inhumane treatment of other animals (we humans are animals too) is inexcusable. And just as in this article, most of it these days is done for traditional Chinese medicine. I try to be as respectful of any culture’s traditions. But some traditions, like killing bears simply for their bile, and cutting off sharks fins only to turn them loose to suffer needlessly, need to be ended.

    1. Hi Scott. Man knows no limits when it comes to inflicting torture upon living, breathing beings. I see no difference between what China does to these bears and what the rest of the world does while practicing “regular” animal agriculture. The process and the consequences of subjecting animals to unnecessary pain, for humans’ profit or pleasure, is something I will never understand. I truly hope, Scott, that you refrain from fishing and hunting… this deprives an animal of its right to share this planet with us.

      1. I haven’t fished or hunted for many years, simply because I used to go with my dad, and he’s too old and feeble to go anymore.

        And I don’t usually comment on veganism. But here is something to consider. We humans (homo sapiens sapiens) are animals. We are omnivorous animals–evolutionarily designed to consume both animal and plant matter. And we are predatory animals–evolutionarily designed to hunt for our food. Why should we not have the same rights as other omnivorous, predatory animals, such as bears and (recently discovered) chimpanzees?

        Furthermore, the purpose of veganism is often explained as not taking life. But we take life no matter what we eat. Because the plant kingdom is just as much alive as the animal kingdom. When we eat plant matter, we are feeding off the death of plants. No organism can survive without killing another organism.

        Finally, the predatory animals of the world–which include bears, wolves, sharks, seals, whales, hawks, and humans–are just as important to the Earth’s overall ecosystem as the non-predatory animals.

      2. I get the emotional background that you share with me, Scott, which I appreciate. Now, in regards to your arguments, allow me to retort: the purpose of veganism is refraining from inflicting unnecessary pain and cruelty to others (human animals included), be it physical, emotional or intellectual. I don’t believe it’s a kill or be killed situation when it comes to animal farming and holding an omnivorous viewpoint as the only solution. The other species you mention do not have the intellectual depth to create the economical and “cultural” systems that enslave them, even if they have the same rights as we do. We are no longer cavemen, we are supposed to know better. To pretend otherwise is simply naive.

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