I found this on a laminated, small card. Credit goes to Mikki Williams.

    1. The Charlie Concept. PMA + RDL = Positive Mental Attitude + Recommended Daily Laughter.
    2. The Honker Habit. Be a car fixer not a horn honker, and take action.
    3. Words of “Whit”-dom. The greatest love of all is found deep inside of me.
    4. Get Self-ish. Do good things, then remember that you did them.
    5. The Ferrari Factor. Ask. Ask First. Take a risk.
    6. ROI. “Rubber Band of Inspiration”. Stretch yourself beyond your limits, reach beyond your grasp.
    7. The Bicycle Benefit. Life is like a 10-speed bicycle and some us have gears we’ve never used.
    8. The Spiritual Secret. Let go. Let God.
    9. The Three I’s. Hope sees the Invisible, hope feels the Intangible and hope achieves the Impossible.
    10. The Play-Doh Principle. You can shape your life any way you want.

PlayDoh!!!! from Gavin Mead on Vimeo.


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