The Duffs: Duffgirl and Duffboy, 2009

I once (in reality, a lot of times) felt alone and determined to self-destruct in so many ways. God knows who and when to put the right person in our path, and that person for me was Duffgirl. Since we got married (and I’m most certain that she’ll agree) back in 2009, I’ve grown in many aspects, welcomed personal and collective accountability, and found a new appreciation in life. Thank you, Mishi, for reminding me that we belong together, in the best Kelly Clarkson way (that’s my kind of girly pop songs).

4 thoughts on “A photo, life opportunity

  1. I agree 🙂 You have grown a lot since we started dating and I am really proud of you. I know we have hard really tough times in our life together, but I also truly believe that this is exactly because we were meant to be together. The struggle began with people trying to cause fights between us, as I have told you… we have gone through a lot of things that couples with 10 years of marriage go through, but it’s all part of the big plan 🙂 Great things are awaiting for us, and I am the happiest woman when I wake up every morning and you are beside me. Thank you for everything you have done for us 🙂 I love you to pieces.

  2. Thank you for staying with me during our hardships, Mishi… like a Lenny Kravitz song goes: “I don’t think I can make it, withou you”. You make everything shinier, amor. Te amo como Reeses (Vegan) Pieces!

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