The dark fantasy of Stewie Griffin (rest easy, he didn’t actually kill her). Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Too dark?

  1. Yes, pretty dark–but so outrageous that it can only be taken with a laugh! A little bit graphic, with the blood though–definitely not for children! I’ve seen that show a few times. It can be quite hilarious. Why is “Married with Children” not funny at all too me, while “Family Guy” is? They’re both so over-the-top. Maybe it’s because “Family Guy” has much better writing. The most important job in film and television production is not directing or acting–it’s screenwriting. This is what makes the original “Star Trek” so much better than the series that followed. This is what makes “The Twilight Zone” so superb. We don’t give nearly enough credit to the writers of screenplays and teleplays. It’s the writing that determines the quality of a film or television series more than anything else. And it’s not the writing of a novel or story the production may be based on either. Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”, for example, would not be the equally terrifying and hilarious work of art it is had Stephen King written the screenplay (Jack Nicholson’s acting definitely helped too). We credit the actors first, then the directors. But we completely ignore the screenwriters–and were it not for them, films and television shows (with the possible exception of documentaries) could not be made at all. The writing is the foundation of film and television–it is what determines the quality of a film or television series more than anything else.

    1. Hi, Scott. There’s so much to talk about here. I’m a writer, now just starting to venture into screenwriting, and also a film and tv fan. I totally agree with you on Family Guy versus Married with Children comparison (I truly believe that if MWC hadn’t been shot in front of a live audience, the material would not have been as succesful as it was). Family Guy is over the top (in the same vein as South Park), that’s for sure.

      Understanding the nature, limits and constraints of each medium is basic for writing. The Shining will always be one of my favorite novels and the movie will forever be among my least favorite adaptations (Stephen King has done very little tv or screenwriting, he was not a fan of Kubrick’s version of The Shining). Casting on that film, though it benefited Jack Nicholson’s career, was not wise in my opinion.

      You mention The Twilight Zone, I must look up the original series, because I know I’m missing out on a lot.

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